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Wuxi Lian win laser Pioneer Metals Corporation is located in Zhong Tong Industrial Park, Shuo Fang Town, new Wu District, Wuxi. The company's main equipment for CNC punching, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, welding, painting, chuck and a variety of auxiliary equipment. Mainly committed to the production, processing of various metal sheet metal parts and production of various stamping parts, as well as logistics equipment, warehousing series and other extended products.

Advanced processing equipment and manufacturing process, standardized, fully optimized quality control to ensure the quality of our products. The knowledge-based staff has brought up our development ability, with precise parts, precise parts matching, and exquisite overall appearance as the company's quality standards; to produce high-quality products, service for the enterprise as the company's mission, good reputation to win the trust of many customers.

Since its start up, the company has been striving for development through quality, seeking development through science and technology, and seeking cooperation with sincerity. We are committed to providing quality and satisfactory products and services for the new and old customers.

We are willing to work together with new and old customers to make joint efforts for the modernization of enterprises.

Scope of business:

1. Laser cutting: carbon steel (1-25mm), stainless steel (1-14mm), aluminum (1-14mm), copper (1-10mm).

2. NC production: electric cabinet, cabinet, chassis, shell, shelf, doors and windows, operation desk and other bending processes.

3. Sucker: Diamond palm suction hoist, elephant trunk suction hoist, automatic manipulator, vacuum pump blower, suction cup and end picker.

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